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Madison Public Schools
From the Desk of the Superintendent
Alan Ehlers

Board of Education planning for the future

During the past five years the Board of Education has taken steps to bring the physical plant at Madison Public Schools High School/Middle School closer to that of other schools in our area. With this approach the Board has been hopeful that the district might avoid a future long term debt with a 20-30 year bond issue.

One of the roles of a Board of Education is to be proactive on future needs of a school district.  Although our student numbers have not increased, the makeup of our students and needs of our district are much different than they were even 10 years ago.  Physical space needs have increased due to the additional programs needed to support our students. Your local Board of Education members have spent much time and commitment looking at all options that might be available in order to support the future needs of our students. My hope is that all Madison area community members appreciate the Board’s courage while exploring these options.

During the Month of January, the Board of Education has made official motions that might allow them to move forward with a future building addition to add needed space to support current program offerings at our school district. The official motions made by the Board may be rescinded in the future if, during the community informational meetings, the overall support for the building changes are not supported by the majority of the community. We strongly encourage you to attend the meetings.

The Board of Education is considering using funds from the District’s Special Building Fund along with a possible short-term building lease to fund future projects.  This approach would allow for a slight decrease in the tax asking over the next 3-7 years while completing the project. Our school district has an opportunity to support our community while keeping a close eye on the overall tax levy. Now is the time to support your community.  We Are Madison; Where Kids come first!